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Link Contest Has Begun!
Published on 15-07-2021

Hello All,

BapLife Link Contest Has Begun! 

You can reach to check list and prizes from here: Link Contest

Stay tuned!


Clarification For Differences in BapLife
Published on 14-05-2021

Hello All,


As we mentioned in the Welcome topic, BapLife is a different project from our other sites. I will try to explain these differences so that you can understand them better.


# 1 - BapLife doesn't have DR deposit commision. There is only have DR Click commission (Fixed Ads included)


# 2 - BapLife have a daily tax system and 40 BAP will be charged from your accounts daily (Check FAQ #19)


# 3 - Free members are not able to withdraw in BapLife, deposit needed for withdrawals (Check FAQ #20)


# 4 - We will keep BapLife Group Earnings higher than our other sites.


Please check our FAQ page and if you still have questions, tell us.



BapLife - BapMedia Limited

Welcome to BapLife!
Published on 08-05-2021

Hello All,

I am happy to announce the opening of BapLife and giving you a warm welcome.
BapLife is a sister site of BapCash and BapMoney 

BapLife has Bonus Ad Points(BAP) system. BAP entitle you to receive Paid Ads! We sending Paid Ads in return of your BAP amount. 1 BAP is worth $0.0005. For each $0.01 worth of Paid Ads you view, 20 BAP will deduct from your account.

You will get 3000 BAP with your every $1 deposit. 3000 BAP worth to $1.5. So, you have chance to turn every $1 into $1.5 Paid Ads here!

Please pay attention; BapLife is a Premium project, we will keep Group Earnings higher than our other sites and we are not welcoming to the free members. BapLife is different and only members who invest can withdraw money. Our other sites, BapCash and BapMoney offering a one-time withdrawal right without deposit, free members can use them.

In addition, we have games where you can win BAP, such as BapGrid, Flip the Coin, Crack the Vault, etc... Also, you earn 1 BAP per ad click of your referrals(Fixed Ads are included)

There are many different ways to earn BAP such as:
Wanted5Games | BapGrid | Flip Coin | Crack The Vault | Link/PTP Contest

Please check our FAQ page for a better understanding of the system and answers to your questions:

You can always submit your recommendations for improving our site in the relevant section in the forum.

Welcome to BapLife!

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