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Paid Ads Invalid

Started by ellieo 2021-05-26 at 07:43
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Hi there, a few of my refs are reporting they can view the BAP ads ok but when they try to do the paid ads they get an invalid message?
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I cannot view the paid ads
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Thats about their internet connection. Our script is not able to detect countries if users use IPv6 connection instead of IPv4.
In that case, they need to send ticket with their country information and we can fix their problem.
Email: [email protected]
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Hi, where do we send the support ticket? I'm in the USA.
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Here below (in the footer) it says Contact Us, you can write the tickets about it ;-)
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Ellie, I appreciate your support. It was me who told you about that problem. Fortunately, Support has fixed it and it is fine. I have to complement the Support Team in BAPLIFE. SUPPORT IS EXCELLENT. IN MY 30 YEARS OF DOING BIZ ONLINE, I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED This level of excellence. I fully expect that with Support like this BAPLIFE WILL SURELY SUCCEED. See you at the top.

Ricky Samson

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